Unconventional. Driven. Creative. Electric.

I thrive in challenging environments that require creative thinking and out-of-the-box solutions. Put me in front of a crowd and see me shine. I rise to every challenge with the confidence to be successful and the humility to seek feedback and improve.

My Achievements

Currently, I lead the social media program at Economical Insurance, one of Canada's largest property and casualty insurers, where I am responsible for the national social media strategy, advertising initiatives, and broker social media support programs.

'Content marketing' and 'audience engagement' aren't buzzwords to me, they are the foundation of my career. As the Social Media Specialist for Quarry, I was the online voice of my clients. Under my stewardship, Quarry was been named one of the Top 100 Content Marketing Brands of 2015, a Top 10 US B2B Marketing Brand, and has won awards for the #KeynoteInks campaign including BMA B2 Agency Promotion and CAMP B2B Agency of the Year.

My current and past clients include Syngenta Canada, Broadridge Financial Solutions, Windstream Business, Elora Festival, and REM Web Solutions.

I also teach social media marketing as part of the Conestoga College Continuing Education Social Media Marketing certificate program. Each week, I lead a class through the curriculum, using my expertise and industry best practices to train and educate the next generation of social media marketers. 

"(Naheed) did an exceptional job of not only teaching us with the appropriate knowledge we can use in our careers, but he also provided excellent examples that helped all students (regardless of experience) understand the content he was teaching." - Tara Noel (student)

To stay sharp, I live by a single motto: create something from nothing. That means you will catch me building DIY furniture out of reclaimed and pallet wood. To relax, I enjoy bouldering and playing a (frustrating) round of golf.